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Info below was updated as of Sept. 2017 and as noted below. More updates are soon to come.

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Quick Facts (updated 9-14-2017)

  • Began in Spring 2010 from the discovered great need.
  • Focused on helping to care for, educate, and raise parentless children for successful lives and mission for Jesus Christ.
  • Currently has 65 orphans and 29 paying students at the school.
  • Current staff number unknown as of this update. Check back later.
  • Status with Kenyan Government: Known of; In process of registration (it's a long, involved process).
  • Sponsored by well-wishers; Always endeavoring to produce self-supporting income as much as possible (However, current limitations make this difficult).

*Note: The government rule is that by age 18 children are to leave orphanages. Brother Maranga still tries to offer help after age 18 if the children want to come back and help out, but essentially they are to move out on their own and generally do so.

Current Staff (9-14-2017)

  • Brother Stevenson K. Maranga - Oversight
  • His wife, Damaris - Motherly Nurture
  • Cook and kitchen help
  • Teachers - Orphanage School - Steda Academy
  • Security

Note: Current staff pay-rate is unknown.

Children's Daily Schedule

  • 4:30am - Arise, go for 20 min. morning worship
  • 4:50am - Prepare for School
  • 5:20am - Older Students Eat BREAKFAST no later than this time
  • 5:30am - Older students leave for school (30min walk) - Classes begin at 6am
  • 7:30am - Younger students begin their classes at the Orphanage School
  • School activities, classes, and breaks take place (light lunch snack sometimes)
  • 4:30pm - Younger students finish their classes at the Orphanage School
  • 7:00pm - Older students return to the Orphanage from their schools
  • 7:15pm - DINNER is served to everyone
  • Chores and Homework are done by all children after they return from school
  • 9:00pm - Evening Worship for 20 min., then return for bed
  • 10:00pm - Lights out for children no later than this time

Chores Consist Of

  • Gathering water for drinking and washing
  • Cleaning, Tidying, sweeping, and wiping things down
  • Helping to clean their own dishes
  • Straightening up the yard
  • Caring for animals, the garden, and the feilds.
  • On Sundays: Children wash their clothes to prepare for the week.
  • Note: Mrs. Maranga (Damaris) assists with various things as needed and makes sure the children are in good health and well taken care of. Brother Maranga oversees and cares for various management, growth and development, discipline issues, shopping at the markets/business, etc. items.

More About School, Church, Breaks, and Evangelism

Yearly School Schedule Breakdown

Note: There are 3 school sessions per year and 3 break times per year (as follows).

  • January-March (April is a 1 month break)
  • May-July (August is a 1 month break)
  • September-November (December is a 1 month break)
  • During the breaks children may volunteer for Evangelistic outreach as a program provided by the orphanage.

Kenyan Grades Breakdown

Basically the same as the U.S. model.

  • Kindergarten/Nursery
  • Grammar School: Grades 1-8
  • High School: Form 1-4 (Grade 9-12)

Note: All younger children study at Steda Academy. The orphanage school. Some older ones study outside of it.

Evangelism, Church Attendance, and Weekends

  • Current Evangelistic efforts are not known. None recently reported.
  • Church and Sabbath School are held at the orphanage every Saturday (All Children are required to attend, and willingly do)
  • On Sabbath Afternoons sometimes there are nature walks.
  • On other Sabbath afternoons all the children have prophecy, sanctuary, and other Bible class programs which they attend (Taught by the Marangas or guest Bible teachers).
  • Sundays again are for catch up on homework and chores around the orphanage.

Orphanage location (original), Nearest SDA Church, and Maranga's Membership

Getengero SDA Church
Getengero SDA Church
The old campus of Kisii Kids' Orphanage is located in Boronyi Village which is just south of Kisii town a short drive into the countryside. The nearest SDA church to the old location is the Getengero Seventh-day Adventist Church. Brother Maranga's personal membership was located here [updated needed as of Sept. 2017). Church is now currently held at the new orphanage location. Worship is led by Maranga and his family.
Inside Getengero SDA Church
Inside Getengero SDA Church
In the Getengero SDA Church Elder Ontegi is the head elder. He knows brother Maranga.

Credentials and Status

People often wonder about the orphanage's status with the government or with other supporting organizations, and the evidence of a genuine, sincere work in effort to help the innocent children. In a world that has so much corruption, scams, and everything else it is NECESSARY to establish the validity of any cause or work and to be sure that the Lord is in the midst of it as a genuine and well orchestrated effort to carry out HIS work faithfully. Even our brother Paul in his evangelistic work was forced at times to reason with certain brethren that he was indeed the servant of God (notice his dialogue throughout 1st and 2nd Corinthians). Furthermore, the Bible says, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the Spirits whether they are of God..." (1 John 4:1). Again, Paul says, "Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (1 Thessalonians 4:19-21). Therefore, it is in an effort to keep in line with such Scriptural teachings, and to provide for the discerning Christian some proper evidence of our Credentials and Status with the government, which some of you may not have been familiar with.

Let our Works Testify for Themselves

When our Savior Jesus Christ came into this world and began his work of ministry for 3.5 years it is evident that different people thought different things about Him. Certainly, he had his open and hidden enemies both, many of whom would never choose to trust Him even with the evidence given to them. In fact, these ones often denied the evidence boldly, and even sought to cover or destroy it. But then among the crowds and those honest in heart there was even some wonder and various opinion, all seeking to have or find the proper understanding of just who Jesus was and what was the character of His work. Of course it was right that they should wonder and look for the genuine evidence, since there had been, and still were to be many more imposters. Christ pointed people to the evidence from Scripture and the evidence of letting his works testify for themselves about who He was (See dialogue of John 5-8; 10:37; 14:11) We want to say the same for our work here. Please check out our work, see our ministry information, our pictures, our Facebook page, our children. We even invite you to come and visit us sometime! Let the Lord's name be honored and glorified! And it is our prayer that all these, HIS children, will be raised up for HIS honor and glory!

Status with the Kenyan Government

We are not yet registered officially as an orphanage with the Kenyan government, though a children's officer has been assigned to check on our operation and development. The process takes time, money, lots of effort, and development of the facilities. It's been a slow process since 2010. In September 2017, the current plans are to advance with full registration with the government. Stay tuned for updates. Steda Academy, the orphanage school is already fully registered with the Kenyan government.

Picture with Elijah Ogoti
Elijah Ogoti, Ben B., Bro. Maranga

Local Community Chief Of Security Recognizes our Work

The local Kiogoro Market area Head of Security, just south of our location in the Boronyi Village area, Elijah Ogoti, is a dear friend and supporter of our work here. He has thanked us so much for the work which we are doing in the community to care for these children who had no where else to go. When one of our international sponsors was here back in the Spring of 2012 we all had a nice visit and picture together.

A Letter from our Leadership at the East African Union of Seventh-day Adventists

Although our local church organization/conferences have not been able to or agreed to take on our work here as a financial obligation of their structured work, yet they have at least recognized this work, know well of Brother Stevenson K. Maranga and the efforts of the Kisii Kids' Orphanage project. They have given their stated support verbally and also by written and signed letter. Please view the Open Letter of support/recognition for our work from Ps. Jonathan Maangi, serving as President of the East African Union of Seventh-day Adventists, who has known of Brother Maranga and his work for some time now.

Visits from International Sponsors

Since our beginning in Spring 2010 we've had some various visitors coming to see us from here and there. In the Spring of 2012, Benjamin Burkhardt visited our old campus for 3 weeks, and assisted in our work here, and with some Evangelistic outreach to the community. Ben is still in contact with our ministry and has assisted us with various things, including the development of this web page. You can learn more about his ministry at Clear Call Ministries and you can also find information about his visit here on his "Helping Those in Need" page.

A Final Word

We hope that you are able to judge rightly about the character of our work here in the Kisii, Kenya area for these children, and to consider if there is some way in which you might be able to assist in our efforts here by your prayers, a visit, educational matters, financial, or otherwise. We thank the Lord for your care and support concerning us and pray that the work of the Lord Jesus will steadily advance to His glory!

Financial Matters

Many people will talk about how challenging, and even expensive it can be to raise 3 or so kids. And certainly it is, especially when as a loving parent you want to provide all the nice things that can be provided for your children. Efforts for care are concentrated upon them! That being said, image how challenging it can be to provide for 65 kids all at once! Well, of course we cannot put the same exact level of cost or individual attention into each child as a natural home might be able to, but we believe there are certain things that must be covered to develop these young people for God: Food, Shelter, Clothing, Education, Basic Medical attention, Nurture and development in the Lord; These things are essential and come with a price tag. Of course the price in our country of Kenya might not be near what it would be in a more developed country, but it is still significant; especially to us! For these reasons we want to make you aware of our financial situation here. Perhaps in some way you may be able to offer assistance.

What does it cost to run the orphanage for one month?

[Financial figures for this section are in need of update]

What help does the Kenyan Government provide, if any?

Currently, the Kenyan Government provides NO financial support for our work here, even though they are aware of our situation. To get some basic support we will have to gain full registration status with them as an orphanage. We have been in process of pursuing that but are limited by development and certain funds needed to reach that. The process is very involved and takes some time. Hopefully more on this soon.

Do local churches provide any help?

Local churches do not provide assistance for us. Their funds are limited and go to various projects and needs they have chosen. There is no kind of regular fund to assist a private ministry or organization such as ours.

Does the orphanage currently have any source of self-supporting income? If not, do you plan to have this?

Chicken Coop
Planting Field
Chicken Coop
We have tried a chicken coop in the past, at our old location, but had trouble with theives. We also thought that milk cows might be of help. But now, at our new location, we are focusing on tomato plants grown in green houses. They have been very helpful to us.

There are 4 fields that we now have at our new location. Sometimes crops fail because of hail storms. When that happens, we just try to start over with our crops that have been damaged or destroyed. When the crops do produce it is then very helpful for us to feed our orphans and students.

At our orphanage school Steda Academy, we currently have 29 non-orphan, paying students from the community. That helps us a bit. We might hope to have more in the future.

Where does the majority of your funding come from?

Most all our funding has come from sponsors/donors or well-wishers. It has helped us to get to where we are now, with our new facility and land. Our tomato growing and other crops help with food and some income from sales. The rest comes from sponsors.