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Welcome to our Kisii Kids' Orphanage homepage! Together with God's people we hope to change the lives of countless young people for eternity!

News Updates (as of September 14, 2017):

  • As of Sept. 2017 GMI is not channelling support for Kisii Kids, or listing it on their website. This is precautionary, based upon negative reports from a visiting sponsor (now ex-sponsor). The situation is being investigated. Check back for details later.
  • Numbers at the orphanage, in its new location, have now changed again, reducing. According to the latest official report, there are 65 orphans and 29 paying students at the school.
  • Official school on site is Steda Academy, which is ...

A word from Stevenson Maranga

"We're thankful you came to visit our page and we're happy that you have an interest in helping to change the lives of many young people right here in our community!"

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide love, food, shelter, clothing, medical help and Christian education to local young people who have been orphaned."


We hope to accomplish the following goals:

  • 1) Provide loving care and shelter for these children.
  • 2) Educate them to become responsible members of the local community, and to live successful lives that make a difference in the world for Christ! We plan to accomplish this by loving Christian nurture, Christ-centered education, and practical trade education.
  • 3) We desire to also educate members of our local community how they can adopt or care for the needy children of our area in their own families. Kisii Kids Orphanage realizes that it is often most effective when children can have the close mentor-ship and personal nurture that a smaller family can provide. We aim to assist and educate local community members to recognize and meet this need.

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